We are always glad to accept a cover letter and resume from teachers who meet the following requirements:

Online Teacher
Rate of Pay: Competitive

We are seeking a uniquely talented and fully qualified teacher for our Christian online school. A qualified applicant must meet the following qualifications with no exceptions, other than as indicated in item 6:

1. Hold a valid California teaching credential
a. Preference for secondary credentials: grades of instruction are exclusively secondary, although a multiple subject credentialed teacher may still qualify.
b. Preference for mathematics, science, and Bible curriculum specialists.

2. Have an exceptionally strong technological aptitude.
a. Preference for individuals who are self-directed learners of new technology (i.e. judiciously explore a programs options rather than need step by step manual type instructions).
b. Preference for individuals with experience in online education (online pedagogy is radically different from that most often used in a classroom setting).

3. Be comfortable in teaching all secondary subjects.
a. Teacher not required to be “the source” of all information for the class. Curriculum is pre-scripted and answer keys are provided. Teacher needs to be “comfortable” in addressing students questions and discussing all subjects.
b. More emphasis is placed on the teacher’s pedagogical skills in facilitating learning, anticipating areas of students’ needs, and pro-actively setting parameters for students’ success.

4. Communicate clearly, effectively, and consistently with students and parents.
a. Strong written, email, and oral communication skills are required.

5. Possess an adequate computer, have internet access, and a professional home working environment. (Minimal use of a personal phone, <10 hours a week, may apply).
a. A separate, quiet, work environment that is visually acceptable for webcam viewing is required. Does not need to be a home, per se.

6. Reside in the United States, preferably Southern California.

7. Agree with our statement of faith.
a. All employees must agree with the following statement of faith: CPA Statement of Faith.

If you meet all of the above qualifications, please take a moment to thoroughly review our school’s website, specifically our “How it Works” page, to learn more about our curriculum, program offerings and student body.
If you are still interested, and after ensuring you meet all of the qualifications above, please send a cover letter and resume to: info@calvaryonlineschool.com