Not only does Calvary Prep offer an academically challenging online curriculum, but CPA students enjoy a well-rounded, vibrant school culture where they are encouraged and motivated to interact with each other and be an active part of their online community. So many friendships have been forged between the students at CPA – some just down the road, and some from across the world! We are excited to show you a bit of what CPA students are up to:


  • Each school day, students are required to come together on the forum to discuss the day’s scripture reading and devotion provided by Mrs. White. Posting to the forum not only allows the students to interact with each other, but also serves as confirmation of their attendance at school for that day.
  • Students are able to communicate with each other in this teacher-moderated setting regarding their thoughts on the reading, any prayer requests they may have, discuss theological questions and to encourage each other.


Students have live, teacher-led workshops available to them for the following subjects:

  • Spanish with Mrs. Arriaga
  • French with Mrs. St. Clair
  • Math with Mrs. Russell
  • Science with Dr. Van Wickle


  • Students can participate for elective credit or on a volunteer basis. Students run for official school officer positions (i.e. President, Vice President, Secretary, Chaplain, Marketing and Public Relations Officer). Students then host school-wide monthly meetings where they create icebreaker social activities, share school announcements, recruit for clubs, oversee clubs, and deliver a message or host a guest speaker.
  • The Leadership Team is responsible for school-community connections and public relations. They are required to take an active part in interacting in both the Daily Discussion Forum and the Prayer Forum. They are also required to message students individually and encourage involvement in the school community.
  • This team heads up the fundraisers, helps recruit photos for the yearbook, and takes on any projects that arise in the fall semester. They are also required to participate in WASC activities and meetings.
  • The class president is required to attend and lead all meetings for the school year and gives a “Farewell” video address to the senior class at the end of the school year.
  • The Vice President communicates with CPA administration and staff to get current info for announcements and projects. This officer also fills in for the President in their absence.
  • The Secretary takes attendance and minutes at all meetings and keeps the books in order.
  • The Chaplain monitors the Prayer Request Forum and keeps us all informed. He/She opens and closes each meeting in prayer and prays over each request posted in the Prayer Request Forum.
  • The Marketing and Public Relations officer organizes games and icebreakers for all meetings and is responsible for communication between team members and school staff.


  • The Yearbook Team is offered as an elective credit class and for volunteers. Students work as a team to collect photos from classmates, staff, and families of CPA. They organize content to ensure all students are represented and order and organization are managed (huge life skill!). Once all the photos have been collected, they create the yearbook using TreeRing. They work as a team to create, and edit.
  • When the yearbook has been completed, they move on to graduation projects such as Senior Portrait Slide Show, Senior Life Photo Show, 8th Grade Promotion Slide Show, and an All-School Slide Show.
  • The Yearbook Team is also responsible for connecting the school community by weekly interaction on the Daily Discussion Forum, The Team messages and encourages classmates in the Daily Discussion Forum and the Prayer Request Forum. Each meeting is opened in prayer and the students pray over the requests from the Prayer Request Forum.
  • If any projects come up during the Spring semester that would typically fall on the Student Leadership Team, then the Yearbook team usually adds that to their projects.


  • Calvary Prep offers a student-led prayer forum where students can post their prayer requests and connect with other students that wish to encourage and pray for them in a teacher-moderated environment. So many beautiful friendships have been formed in this forum, and God has answered many prayers!


  • Live teacher-led Bible study by Mr. Kyle and Mr. Beck.
  • Students meet every week via Zoom to discuss scripture.


  • Each teacher offers live open office hours to their students for additional support as-needed. This is a time for students to review those difficult questions and problems that arise in between their regularly weekly scheduled appointments with their teachers. Teachers will keep their virtual classroom “open” during certain times, and students can feel free to pop in with or without an appointment. Students can join the open office hours of other teachers to get support in their areas of expertise.

One major concern for students and parents when when transitioning from traditional schooling to an online environment is the potential lack of social interaction in an online school.  At Calvary Prep Academy, students are not relegated to staring at their computers and watching pre-recorded lectures. Learning at Calvary Prep involves so much more! Students are able to enjoy a rich school culture that allows them to communicate and form friendships with their fellow students from all over the world through clubs, forums and workshops. Come be a part of the action!

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