Graduation 2022

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Watch Live or Attend in Person on 6/3/2022 at 4:30 PM Pacific:  A few days prior to graduation, a Zoom link will be provided to the school community to join the virtual ceremony and participate in live chat.  This link can be shared with all of your friends and family who would like to join, but are unable to attend the in-person ceremony to take place in San Marcos, CA.



IN-PERSON LOCATION: Mission Hills Church, San Marcos, CA: 400 Mission Hills Ct, San Marcos, CA 92069

Click here for a printable graduation program: Graduation Ceremony Program 

Graduation Zoom Watch Party: (Will be made available the day prior to Graduation.)

Eighth Grade Slideshow: (Will be made available the day prior to Graduation.)

Graduating Senior Life Photos Pre-Ceremony Slideshow: YouTube Video (Will be made available the day prior to Graduation.)



Ashton Akyildiz

Janine Carrol

Ashley Cheatham

Rebekah Damschen

Jeremyah Day

Sheridan Garr

Melanie Genung

Kaesha Guillaume

Elvira Gutierrez

Olivia Harrell

Alessandra Inverso

Daniel Inverso

Kaeden Johnson

Guanxi (James) Li

Javaughn Miller

Makayla Nguyen

Honoka Ota

Rachel Park


Hannah Peifer

Jonah Phipps

Nathaniel Rabenitas

Judah Rivera

Matthew Shimizu

Sebastian Silva

Nathan de Simoes Oliveira

Carmel Stonebraker

Lily Strutton

Jayden Stucker

Joey Sunderland

Samuel Theetge

Frank Thomas

David Wilmoth

Haley Winters

Micah Worton

Grace Yerby

Cyrus Young





May 30th through June 3rd: Senior Week Activities (to be announced in May)
June 3rd: Graduation 4:30 p.m. PST



  • Please send in your senior picture if you haven’t sent one in already. We will use this for your yearbook page, the graduation ceremony and the Senior Edition of Calvary Chronicles. You are welcome to send in multiple poses if you like. Please label which photo you prefer to have displayed during the graduation ceremony.  We want to be sure you have your favorite shot on your big day!
  • Title Email: senior headshot_name of student.
  • If you have a preference on which one is used for your graduation slide, please specify in the email.


  • In addition, a Senior Slideshow will be featured at the beginning and end of the graduation ceremony. You are welcome to submit pictures of yourself from childhood through today. At a minimum, we would like to have one baby photo, one toddler photo, one adolescent photo, one junior high and one current photo.
  • Title Email: senior life photos_name of student.


  • Included in the yearbook next to your senior picture will be featured a written interview with you regarding your experiences in school, what you have learned in life during this time, your ambitions for the future, and any advice you might have for your fellow underclassmen. Each senior will be completing this for printing in the yearbook – please do not forget to complete the form or you will have a blank space by your senior photo.
  • Please complete this survey by March 15th  Senior Interview Form



4. DIPLOMA, CAP & GOWN ORDERS: Be sure to order your cap, gown and diploma early by using the link below. Even if you don’t plan to physically attend the graduation ceremony and aren’t planning on using a cap and gown, you may still want to have a physical diploma mailed to you. The order form is in the link below:



5. RSVP TO GRADUATION CEREMONY: Let us know if you plan to attend the ceremony if Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and we are able to meet in person.  Graduation Survey Form


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your teacher, or contact Mrs. White or Mrs. Beck by email.

Congratulations, Seniors! We are so proud of you!