What are Online Christian Schools? The field of online education has radically developed in the last decade. Many colleges and academic institutions have started to create their own online schools including online college classes as well as online high schools. Some have even ventured to create online middle school programs. Because of the development associated with the age, few have ventured into online elementary school classes. However some agencies have created what is called “Virtual” curriculum which is designed to supplement traditional book based curriculum with online assignments.

Within this wave of developing virtual schools, many isolated demographics have begun to create online schools particular to their community. There are now online high schools geared towards athletes, musicians, traveling families, pregnant teens, etc.

In addition, several attempts have been made and are being made to create a Christian school online. The question is asked, what would a christian school online look like?

It would have all the tenants of an online school: virtual software, online instruction, live teacher student meetings online, etc. This is fortunately relatively easy to development since many of the larger private institutions with their large budgets have developed the majority of the software and curriculum solutions in order to compete in an online environment.

However, a Christian school online is more than just a online school. It is based upon the values and beliefs of the Christian community. It will have courses that are geared towards teaching the Bible, Church History, Christian Faith and other subjects. It will have a strong mission with a goal of educating students to make a difference in today’s world under the teachings of the Christian faith.

What makes Calvary Preparatory Academy distinct among these endeavors? Here at Calvary Preparatory Academy, we are committed to continuing the work that God has been doing in the Calvary Chapel movement and carrying that movement into the field of online education. Calvary Preparatory Academy empowers students with the ability to receive a college preparatory online education regardless of geographic barriers or time constraints. Students living or traveling abroad are afforded the equal opportunity to a high quality education through online classes. Students living in the United States are given an additional educational option, particularly of value when no local solutions are available.

Why Calvary Preparatory Academy is Right for You:

  • State of the Art Online Curriculum
  • One on One meetings with Credentialed Teachers
  • Flexiblity: 24 Hour Access to Online Classes, Any Time, Any Place
  • High Quality Christian Education