Calvary Preparatory Academy’s Official Position on “a-g” Approved Courses

Please Note: the “a-g” course approval process only applies to California residents and only applies to the University of CA and Cal State system. All other colleges and universities do not use the “a-g” system. Students residing outside of CA can meet the requirements for entry into the UC or Cal State system by the other means listed below.

Calvary Preparatory Academy recommends students desiring to meet the “a-g” requirements should do so by means of the “SAT subject requirement” or “combination” methods, rather than strictly the “a-g course list” approach. More info on the “SAT subject requirement” and “combination” methods to meet “a-g” requirements can be found by reading below or clicking here.


Approved Courses for the 2022-23 School Year

a-History/Social Science- 2 years required (approved courses)

  • US History A/B
  • US History A/B Honors
  • World History A/B
  • World History A/B Honors
  • American Government & Politics
  • American Government & Politics Honors
  • Economics (Counts towards category “g,” Electives)
  • Economics Honors (Counts towards category “g,” Electives)

b-English- 4 years required (approved courses)

  • English 9 A/B