High School Diploma Graduation Requirements

Students wishing to earn a high school diploma from Calvary Preparatory Academy must meet the following graduation requirements. In addition, students planning to attend a California UC or Cal State University will want to consider the following graduation requirements from the CA Department of Education website.

Calvary Preparatory Academy Graduation Requirements

Social Science [Minimum 30 credits [3 Units]) *Required

Science [Minimum 20 Credits (2 Units), 30 Recommended] *Required

Foreign Language [Minimum 10 Credits (1 Unit), 20-30 Recommended] *Required

  • French 1 A & B
  • French 2 A & B
  • French 3 A & B
  • Spanish 1 A & B
  • Spanish 2 A & B
  • Spanish 3 A & B
  • Additional languages are available through dual enrollment with the Apex Learning virtual school, subject to approval. Languages include: German I & II, Latin I & II, and Mandarin Chinese I and II. These courses are not available for missionary or any other discount and there is a $50 surcharge per semester. Contact the school to learn more.

Health [5 Credits (.5 Units)] *Required

Physical Education [Minimum 10 Credits (1 Unit), 20 Recommended] *Required

Fine Arts [Minimum 10 Credits(1 Unit)] *Required

Electives [50 Credits [5 Units]) *Required

Online Elective Courses

* The Calvary Preparatory Academy Board voted for College and Career Prep I and II to be required to graduate for the class of 2016 and beyond. Administrative override may be considered for newly enrolled seniors.
Total Required [Minimum of 220 Credits (22 Units), 240 Recommended]