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Music Appreciation A & B

  • Music Appreciation A & B
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Length: Two semesters
  • View Course Syllabus: View Course Syllabus

(Note: this is a very academically challenging course and should only be taken with prior administrative approval by students with a strong musical background)
Music Appreciation is a streamlined course that introduces student to the history, theory, and genres of music, from the most primitive surviving examples, through the classical to the most contemporary in the world at large. The course is offered in a two-semester format: The first semester covers primitive musical forms, classical music, and American jazz. The second semester presents the rich modern traditions, including: gospel, folk, soul, blues, Latin rhythms, rock and roll, and hip-hop. The course explores the interface of music and social movements and examines how the emergent global society and the Internet is bringing musical forms together in new ways from all around the world.

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Fine Art 1 & 2

  • Fine Art 1 & 2
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Length: Two semesters

This course is a blend of the study of Art Appreciation combined with the completion of Fine Art lessons. The Art Appreciation component of the course uses the first three Units of the Apex Art Appreciation course (as described below) for the first semester, and uses the last three lessons of the Art Appreciation course for the second semester.

The Fine Art lessons allow students to take their studies in Art Appreciation and demonstrate their knowledge using both studio and graphic arts. Students explore a variety of artistic techniques and mediums as they develop their own creative style and craftsmanship. Students document their creative processes using a digital camera and assemble an electronic portfolio of their completed projects at the end of each semester. In addition to their creative projects, students complete a variety of research reports on artistic movements and specific artists.

**Additional Costs Apply: Students are required to complete a variety of art lessons using materials which are not supplied with tuition. Material costs should be around $25-$35, however no guarantee can be made of local art supply prices available to each student. In addition, a digital camera or webcam functioning as a digital camera is required to document completed projects.


*Apex Art Appreciation Course Description:

Apex Syllabus (Units 1-3: Fine Art 1, Units 4-7: Fine Art 2): View Course Syllabus

Art Appreciation is a survey of the history of Western visual arts, with a primary focus on painting. Students begin with an introduction to the basic principles of painting and learn how to critique and compare works of art. Students then explore prehistoric and early Greek and Roman art before they move on to the Middle Ages. Emphasis is placed on the Renaissance and the principles and masters that