Parents of Calvary Preparatory Academy

Parents of Calvary Preparatory Academy students enjoy the high level of transparency and accountability of our program. With the ability to check grades and progress on every graded task, available 24 hours a day, there are no end-of-semester surprises typical of the over-crowded, brick and mortar classrooms.

Parents also enjoy seeing their children flourish in a positive, safe, learning environment far away from the dangers and pressures of the traditional high school campus.

CPA’s Parent Ambassador Committee

The parents of CPA cling to the idea that we can best support our school community together! If you are a parent or guardian of a current or previously enrolled student(s), we encourage you to get involved in our PAC team! The purpose of the PAC is to enhance our school community as a whole by promoting school spirit and supporting our students and teachers through prayer, action and encouragement. We invite you to join the PAC! Contact Mrs. Beck at to learn more.

High Quality Secondary Curriculum

Many parents struggle to support their children with secondary level curriculum. While the subject matter of grades K-5 is sufficiently deliverable in a homeschooling environment, many such families find the secondary curriculum too arduous to deliver themselves. This is where Calvary Preparatory Academy steps in to provide high quality, online instruction and credentialed teacher support. Parents are relieved to know their students are engaged in college preparatory online high school curriculum, while the only duties required of them are that of monitoring and support.

Of concern to parents and students alike is the effect online schooling has on students’ social lives and their ability to work in collaboration with others. Aware of this concern, we strongly advise that our students participate in social events in addition to their schooling. Many of our students are already embedded in the social sphere of their athletic teams, youth groups, work place, and other social venues. In addition to this, we also strongly suggest our students participate in community service engagements.

Finally, it should be noted that the “missing” social interaction of the high school campus is, in itself, an anomaly in the history of humanity and has only been the norm for a short 50 years of American history. Once again, the tide of change is reforming the world of education and, in most areas, the brick and mortar model will need to modernize or be washed away by change.