Online School Study Tips

The following tips will help to guarantee that students are successful in an online learning environment.

  • Work Environment: Students are encouraged to select and designate a work place that is free from distraction and is a productive work environment. Depending on the student, this may be a computer room, student’s bedroom, living room, a coffee house, library, etc.
  • Schoolwork Hours: Although students are given the flexibility to determine their own work hours, it is strongly recommended that students designate select hours from the day that are solely dedicated for studying. This could be a 3 hour block of time in the morning, followed by a 2 hour block in the afternoon, or evening, for example. It is also suggested that students select work hours in which they know their teachers are available for questions or feedback.
  • Note Taking: Almost all online courses offered through Calvary Preparatory Academy have optional note-taking worksheets attached to the online lessons. Students consistently show higher rates of performance when these study sheets are completed in addition to their readings and activities. Depending on student preference, these can either be printed and then completed on paper, or electronically completed in order to save materials.
  • Parental Involvement: Perhaps one of the most important tips for success in an online schooling environment is parental involvement. This involvement is a great strength to students working independently in an online school. The majority of online courses offered through Calvary Preparatory Academy offer complete transparency regarding student performance. Parents can check students’ grades and schedules on a 24 hour basis. It is strongly recommended that both the student and parent work out a time each day when work assigned and work completed can be discussed.
  • Ask Questions!: Students are not on their own. If you need help with an assignment, ask your teacher and they will address your request via email or a live, virtual meeting.
  • Check your email daily: In an online learning environment, students aren’t required to show up to a building each day at 8:00 am. However, students are responsible to maintain consistent contact with the school and their instructors. Regularly checking for new emails will ensure that students are fully informed of any recent updates or responses from their teachers. A turn around period of 24 hours is suggested for all forms of communication. If an instructor emails a student, a response is expected within 24 hours and vice versa.