Single Course (Part-Time) Tuition Overview:

Students wishing to enroll in a single course, or multiple courses, can do so at the rates below. Not all aspects of the full online school are available for all part-time students. Please see “What is Not Included” below.

  • Calvary Preparatory Academy:
    • One Semester Course: $385, Completed in 9 weeks*
    • One Semester Course: $485, Completed in 18 weeks*
    • Two Semester Courses: $770, Completed in 18 weeks*
    • Three Semester Courses: $1155, Completed in 18 weeks*
    • Four Semester Courses: $1540, Completed in 18 weeks*
    • Five Semester Courses: $1925, Completed in 18 weeks*
    • $50 One-Time, Non-refundable Enrollment Fee
    • *Subjects spanning two semesters (i.e. English 9A and English 9B) are considered two separate courses

What Is Included

  • Calvary Preparatory Academy: All enrollment packages include costs for curriculum, teacher and administrative wages, school overhead, etc. It also covers the cost for transcript requests and other student record related processes.

What Is Not Included

A one-time, non-refundable, enrollment fee of $50 will be added to all initial first-time enrollments to cover costs associated with enrollment. In addition, some classes may require additional materials such as art supplies or novels (if not available from a local library or online source). Courses requiring additional supplies will be noted and should be reviewed prior to enrollment to ensure adequate access to learning materials.

Pacing for Single Course Enrollments: Students taking one, single semester course will be scheduled to complete the course in nine school weeks, rather than the whole semester. Students taking two or more courses in a semester may have the whole semester to complete the course.

Math Tutoring for Single Course Enrollments: Only students taking three or more simultaneous courses will have access to the math tutoring. Part-time students taking less than three simultaneous courses in a semester may purchase access to the math tutoring at a rate of $75 per semester.

Frequency of Teacher Meetings for Single Course Enrollments: The frequency and total duration of one-to-one virtual meetings with the teacher will vary depending on the number of courses attempted per semester. One single semester course, taken alone, will include either four, hour long meetings with the teacher, or eight, half-hour long meetings with the teacher. Two semester courses taken simultaneously will include either eight, hour long meetings with the teacher, or sixteen, half-hour long meetings with the teacher. Three semester courses taken simultaneously will include a total of 12 hours of meetings with the teacher. Four or more semester courses taken simultaneously will include one hour per school week for the duration of the semester.

Withdrawal Refund Policy

We hope you will be completely satisfied with the services and materials of Calvary Preparatory Academy. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund your money based on the terms and conditions described below.

Why Isn’t Tuition Entirely Refundable? Like all private schools, we are funded by tuition commitments made by our families who attend (our school is exclusively funded by tuition). In response to those commitments, we hire staff and purchase materials including curriculum, assessments, and other expenses. These expenses exist for the entire school year; even if a student decides to leave mid-year, the expenses remain. Very often, the school has had a waiting list to be enrolled and one or more students were turned aside in order to maintain a student’s seat. As a non-profit, we charge the lowest tuition possible to simply cover the expenses for each student. The 30 day withdrawal period is a period of grace that our school offers and is consistent with other private schools (some have shorter windows). Should a student withdraw, those expenses accrued as a result of the family’s tuition commitment still remain, and that is why the tuition is still due to cover those expenses. There is no other source of revenue to cover a family’s expenses other than the commitment made by the family in the Enrollment Agreement as well as the online transaction portal if paid by credit card.

Tuition Commitment Balance: Tuition Commitments reflect the enrollment selection made by the parent guardian. Multiple payment options are available, including options for monthly installments. These are not to be confused with a monthly subscription. The tuition commitment due is either an annual amount, or single semester amount, depending on the enrollment selection made by the parent guardian, regardless of progress made on monthly installments. Any remaining tuition balance is due at the point of withdrawal, subject to the following:

  • Single semester Enrollment (Fall or Spring): If enrolled for only one semester, only one semester’s tuition is committed, subject to the terms below. If a student decides to continue into the next semester, new registration fees apply and enrollment is subject to availability.
  • Annual Enrollment (Fall & Spring Semesters): If enrolled for both semesters (annual enrollment), the annual tuition is committed subject to the terms below. There is no need to register a second time for the spring semester if enrolled annually.
  • Summer Enrollment: Summer school tuition commitments are specified below, separate from annual, or fall and spring enrollments.
  • All credit card transaction fees are not refundable.