Online High School Tuition

Our rates are very competitive within the quality range of comparable schools. Because there is a great variance in quality and academic rigor within online schools, there may be other programs that advertise low prices; however, these programs lack the same academic rigor and support found at Calvary Preparatory Academy. For more information about these differences, please consider the page, How We Differ.

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Features Calvary Preparatory Academy Competitor 1 Competitor 2
Rigorous College Prep Courses ✔ Yes! ✔ Yes! No
Email Support ✔ Yes! ✔ Yes! No
Phone Support ✔ Yes! ✔ Yes! No
Live-Virtual Meetings ✔ Yes! No No
Regular Meetings w/ a Personal, Mentor Teacher ✔ Yes! No No
Free Additional Tutoring ✔ Yes! No No
No Hidden Fees ✔ Yes! No No
Non Profit ✔ Yes! ✔ Yes! No
Strong Student Accountability ✔ Yes! ✔ Yes! No
Tuition Range $$ $$$ $