Online Classes Offered (Complete Listing Below)

Courses at Calvary Preparatory Academy maintain the rigor of high school preparatory courses, yet are delivered in a flexible, supportive, virtual environment. Our current online high school course directory can be viewed below. Unless noted otherwise, all courses are 5 Credits (.5 Units) each. A year of English 7 A and English 7 B would be awarded a total of 10 credits or 1 Unit.

Calvary Preparatory Academy courses utilize the following services:

  • Offered year round
  • Accessible 24 hours a day
  • Use the highest quality, interactive, online curriculum from Apex
  • Complete transparency with grading, accessible 24 hours a day
  • One-on-one instruction with a credentialed teacher
  • Rigorous, Academic curriculum

Courses Offered

Online English Courses

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Online Bible Courses

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Online Mathematics Courses

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Online Social Science Courses

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Online Science Cour