Want to take summer school classes but still want to travel? What better way than to enroll with Calvary Preparatory Academy? We offer flexible, accredited, college preparatory classes delivered online. Summer school seats fill up quickly and there is often a waiting list.

Courses Offered:

All of our courses are available over the summer with the exception of the following subjects: Old & New Testament Survey courses. Check for availability of French 1 & 2.

  • $400 Per Single Semester Course (i.e. English 9 A)
  • $800 Two semester courses (i.e. English 9 A & English 9 B)
  • $1200 Three semester courses (*Admin approval needed over summer)
  • $50 One-Time, Non-refundable Enrollment Fee
  • Subjects spanning two semesters (i.e. English 9A and English 9B) are considered two separate courses
  • PE is only available in the summer for students who complete 2.5 or more hours of physical activity per day, verified by a professional or coach.  This is in addition to the PE