Want to take summer school classes but still want to travel? What better way than to enroll with Calvary Preparatory Academy? We offer flexible, accredited, college preparatory classes delivered online. Summer school seats fill up quickly and there is often a waiting list.

Courses Offered:

All of our courses are available over the summer with the exception of the following subjects: Old & New Testament Survey courses. Check for availability of French 1 & 2.

  • $385 Per Single Semester Course (i.e. English 9 A)
  • $770 Two semester courses (i.e. English 9 A & English 9 B)
  • $1155 Three semester courses (*Admin approval needed over summer)
  • $50 One-Time, Non-refundable Enrollment Fee
  • Subjects spanning two semesters (i.e. English 9A and English 9B) are considered two separate courses

Important Dates:

The following dates are the normal windows for summer school. It is completely acceptable to start later in the summer so long as the “Last day to enroll” dates below are followed.

  • Summer Session 1: June 12th-July 7th (4 Weeks)
  • Summer Session 2: July 10th-August 4th (4 Weeks)
  • Alternate Start dates are available (pending prior approval by the school) every Monday till June 19th for two classes and till July 17th for one class.
  • Last day to enroll in a single course: July 17th* (4 Weeks) – Later start dates may be available upon request but cannot be guaranteed)
  • Last day to enroll in two semester courses: June 19th* (8 weeks) – Later start dates may be accommodated, contact us for more details.
  • *Flex Week: August 7th-11th may be opened for additional enrollments depending on demand and prior approval.
  • *Upon request, we may allow different start dates if approved by the administration.

Reasons to Attend Summer School:

  • Move Ahead: Work towards an earlier graduation date.
  • Catch Up: Make up missing credits.
  • Scheduling Preference: Make room for another class in the fall, such as sports or band, by taking subjects over the summer.

(**Admin approval needed over summer and transcripts/Grade reports from prior school are required for students attempting three or more classes.)

What Is Included

All enrollment packages include curriculum costs, teacher and administrative wages, school overhead, etc. It also covers the cost for transcript requests and other student record-related procedures.

What Is Not Included

A one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee of $175 for full-time or $50 for part-time will be added to all initial enrollments to cover costs associated with enrollment. Furthermore, some classes may require supplementary materials such as art supplies or books (if not av