Thank You Cross Connection Escondido!

February 18th, 2014

For the past several years, Calvary Online School has benefited greatly from our partnership with Cross Connection Escondido. The church’s willingness to support Calvary Online School through additional governance, administrative support, and use of its facilities has been a tremendous blessing. The presence of the church as a support to the school was a major contributor to the successful initial accreditation of the school through WASC. From the very beginning, it has been our combined goal to eventually separate the administrative operations of Calvary Online School from those of Cross Connection Escondido, while still maintaining our mutual affiliation and location. Calvary Online School is now its own separate non-profit entity. As we have now finalized that transition, we have asked our former and current students and their families to say a great big “thank you” to Cross Connection Church, its board and staff, and especially to those in the church office who have greatly served our school over the years. We would also like to say a special thank you to Pastor Miles Debenedictis for the tremendous amount of work he has done in supporting the school through his role at the church, his contributions to website and graphic designs, and his vital role as a board member of Calvary Online School.

In appreciation of the support of Cross Connection Church, we offer the following testimonies to demonstrate the far-reaching effects on the ministry of Calvary Online School.


Thank you so much for your support of Calvary Online School. It has been a blessing for our family. Specifically, a few years ago our family moved from Ohio to Tennessee with our two daughters. It was quite a transition for our children with many issues getting adjusted. Our youngest daughter actually could not handle the social issues involved in coming into a new high school as the students in the public school were not as welcoming as we had hoped. At that point, we began to look for an online school for home schooling purposes. We looked extensively and preferred a Christian school. We were drawn to Calvary Online School and were made to feel welcome and comfortable partially through the efforts of Mr. Jared Beck and others, but it turned out to be a godsend. Our daughter has thrived and is very happy and successful. She has made friends with the teachers and her fellow classmates. She plans to continue on to college in the near future. I don’t know what we would have done without the people and school that you have sponsored. We will be forever grateful.

Thank You and God Bless You,
From Jim Wilburn, A very happy and blessed parent.
Knoxville, Tennessee

Calvary Online School partners with families to empower our children to become successful adults. This educational opportunity has enhanced our child’s ability to become a talented individual and has given him an appreciation of life-long learning. The faculty and staff at Calvary Online School sincerely care about the proper development of the students. They inspire the students to grow spiritually and they challenge the students to submit their best effort toward their academic achievements. The diverse student body creates an atmosphere for the students to realize the advantages of cooperation and collaboration. Our partnership with Calvary Online School has totally fulfilled our expectations for a quality educational experience. We consider it a privilege to work together with Calvary Online School and we are grateful to receive the benefits of this excellent ministry.

Kay McMeniman
Richmond, Virginia

Calvary Online School has changed my perspective on school all together. Before attending COS I didn’t like school as much. I attended a school where hardly anyone shared my belief in God and it was hard because I was seen differently by the other kids. Now, every morning I wake up anxious to do school. It’s been a great experience for me to be surrounded by fellow believers who share my beliefs and views. It’s such a blessing to have so many friends now that I will share life long friendships with because of God. Before COS I had never had a teacher who encourage me in my school work, daily life, walk with God, and my future plans. The teachers as COS become more than teachers, they become friends. COS has become more than a school to me, it’s become like a second home. The teachers and students are like my family and I don’t know what I ever would have done if I had never attended COS. I would just like to say thank you to all the teachers, directors, and everyone else involved in making COS the school it is. I can’t imagine graduating and leaving at the end of the year but I know COS will go on and inspire, help, encourage, and grow many other kids in the many years to come.

Ciara Durant
Camano Island, Washington

As missionaries here in Tijuana, Mexico our options for a Christ centered accredited High School were limited. We were touched by Jared’s heart to see this school serve missionary families by offering the school at a discounted rate for those families serving in the field.

Thank you Cross Connection Church for your support of this amazing institution.

The Strutton Family
Tijuana, Mexico

My son started COS online two years ago, as a sophomore. During his first year, he completely walked away from the Lord. What I knew to be my ‘solid’ son was no longer true. We even considered military school. He was into some very bad things. The only thing he did do during that time was to keep up on his school, but we were very stressed and worried about his spiritually dark condition. He told his teachers and classmates he was not a believer and stoutly defended his rebellious views-they loved him anyway. I had the opportunity to speak to his teacher, and found she was praying for him daily and also had intercessors praying and fasting for him as well. During one particularly intense week right before his break through, is when I found out that several teachers had been burdened to pray and fast for my son. I believe it was in a large part, through those prayers, as well as the Holy Spirit, he finally had a true conversion and immediate change. It is almost like having a new kid! Even his dark countanance, clothing and music is gone! Now in his second year of school, he feels God is calling him to be a youth pastor and is planning on attending Calvary Chapel college in CA. He has been a source of inspiration and a blessing to see how God uses his words and ministry, even in his online schooling ministering to other teens and leading in his active youth group. We have been very blessed and I believe his COS teacher was appointed by God to be his mentor. I found out later she too has a son the same age and some same circumstances and we have been able to pray for one another. I am also very blessed by COS as this year, not only have they encouraged and challenged my sons academic journey and given him the support he needs when he needs it, they have also responded to an economic hardship we had unexpectedly with a scholarship from a donor. I applaud and thank so much Cross Connection Church for supporting Calvary Online School in its national outreach to effectively teach and train our children. Your invested seed is bearing fruit!

Rachel Ducote
Portis, Kansas

Calvary Online School over the past two years, has turned my life upside down, and inside out. When I first came to the school I wasn’t a Christian. In fact, I was a party-holic, a drinker, smoker, and I dabbled around in drugs. I was a gothic, self harming mess and I hated Christianity because it was so ‘judgmental.’Yet even so, something about the school’s care, tugged on my heart. Something drew me to the way that these teachers and students portrayed Christ..I ended up getting saved during my second semester with Calvary, and when I did, I discovered that nearly the whole school was praying for me desperately! Since then I’ve completely given my life over to Christ and classes that Calvary has to offer, has been a major encourager and ‘eye-opener’ during my walk with Christ. I’m currently studying World Religions and feel called to go into ministry (as a possible pastor/youth pastor). Such a change from my first year, right? So I wanted to thank you very much for supporting Calvary Online School, because it really means the world to me to be supported by a school that actually cares about its students. Thank you!

Blaine Ducote Jr.
Portis, Kansas

Thanks to Calvary Online School I was able to learn at a pace I was comfortable with in a God-centered environment. Every day I would start class with my daily post discussing a specified chapter in the Bible. Starting every day with God helped me get through a time when I was struggling in my relationship with God. Calvary Online School helped me overcome that struggle, and I am extremely thankful for that.
Next, I would continue on to finish my school work for the day. Calvary Online School has it set up so that you can work at your own pace throughout the week, and at the end of the week you check in with your teacher to make sure you are on track. These weekly checkups helped me stay on track and kept me from getting behind most of the time. Calvary Online School is a great online school that I would recommend to anyone who is tired of the regular school setting or anyone who is in need of a more personal school experience.

John McMeniman
Henrico, Virginia

I attended COS for the last three years of my high school years. It really impacted my life, showed me new things, learned new things. And most importantly, it grew me closer to God.

The teachers there are all kind & Jesus centered. They ask if you need prayer and they pray for you on the spot, which really helps with letting some of the stress go! I love the teachers there at COS & If Jesus doesn’t come back yet, I wanna be able to send my kid there in the future!

God bless, may you continue to grow and be used by Jesus!

Russell Henning
Camano Island, Washington

COS has by far been the best school I have ever attended! It has blessed my spiritual life so much with the Daily Discussions, and my teacher Mrs. White has immensely blessed me in more ways than I can count! Thank you all so much for your continual devotion to the students. I really appreciate it! And I know in my heart that God has called COS to bring revival to the students, and love to the world. Thank you so much!

Julia Martin
Tokyo, Japan

It’s only my first year, but the fact that I get to meet new friends out side of the world I know has helped me so much, especially though the prayer request forum and the messaging.

Momoka Miyamura
Tokyo, Japan

COS has been an answer to prayer for me and my kids in more ways than one. We were at a point where something had to change in our home school curriculum because I had to return to work and could not be the sole teacher for them. The teacher/student interaction that COS offers was my main reason for choosing this school. The teachers have, by far, exceed my expectations! The kids have flourished under their guidance and stayed on track with their academics. Thank you for your role in supporting this school, these students and families all over the world.

Susanne Williford
Neosho, Missouri

Thank you for all your support. I don’t know what I would have done without Calvary Online. It has been an answer to prayer, and a great blessing! My teacher is an absolute godsend! So once again I say “Thank you and God Bless You”!!!

Kanaan Stevens,
Ravenswood, West Virginia

Homeschooling on the mission field is not always an easy task when your kids get older and need quality education. My daughter took 10th grade Biology class with Calvary Online school and loved it. Learned a lot. As a parent I felt good about her getting a quality high school class. We are thankful.

Paul Lange
Indianapolis, Indiana (Was in Vajta, Hungary at the time)

Calvary online school has been a great experience ! The support you get from the staff is wonderful. My daughter who is in the 10th grade finds this program easier to navigate and enjoys her weekly meeting with her teacher. I have experience with other online schools and Calvary is far the best.

Jeannine Peters
Auburn, New York

We’re the Haugers – missionaries in Kisumu, Kenya. We want to say a big ASANTE SANA (many thanks in Swahili) for the support and encouragement Calvary Online School has been to our family. Our 12 year old daughter (oops, now 13) is enrolled as a first year student. Although the 1st semester was difficult for her with ending our furlough, heading back to the field and leaving her brother behind to school in the states, our online teacher could not have been more positive, patient and prayerful for us. Today, our daughter loves to log on and participate in the devotional discussion. She’s understanding the Bible and mathematics. We’re grateful for this opportunity in education abroad. God bless you at Cross Connection Church for supporting our school!

Hauger Family
Kisumu, Kenya

We appreciate Calvary Online School, as it was the first step for our homeschooling family into an online course. Our daughter took a history course, and we chose Calvary because we wanted the course presented from a Christian worldview and because she needed the consistent weekly teacher meetings! The school’s teachers and directors were so helpful as we navigated the tech details to make this work. At the completion of her class, my daughter was very satisfied with what she learned, and so were we.

Joe & Alice Irizarry
Lyons, Illinois